We are connecting women from all over the world, building a platform and community where we can support and inspire each other as well as explore what it means to be a woman in today’s world.
Born from a desire of connection, to our bodies, emotions, dreams, our center and to each other.
We come together in day, weekend or week events to experience different parts of ourselves, through movement, meditation, music and more. Re-connecting with ourselves, in a safe and loving space as well as a time-out just for you, meeting like-minded women and have some fun together!

On top of that you will experience the culture of our event location through the local teachers, speakers and community through food, music, dance, language and the local environment. Several times per year you will have the choice to join in for a new experience, in new places with new and like-minded women while we stay connected through our platform.

We bring you a holiday with depth, where you will bring home a full experience which you will enjoy long after while having continuous benefits in daily life as well.
Our events are always put together with love and care, bringing you the variety of offerings as in a festival, while keeping the intimacy, depth and personal care as in a retreat.

Your well-being is our priority and we welcome you,
wherever you are in your life right now



Since I can remember I always wanted to experience life to the fullest, experience the beauty of this world, breathe it all in. Growing up in a village was safe and peaceful, but not big enough for me. Choosing a study Tourism was my “escape” to spread my wings and fly.
Over the 7 years that followed I worked in the tourism industry as a holiday representative in several countries. How I always loved to connect to the culture, eating local food, learn some words, sing along local radio songs while driving in my car around, mostly on sunny island was a great joy to me.
And of course, let’s not forget about my romantic side, admiring beautiful Mediterranean men, which brought some great adventures as well 😉

After a few years working with tourist was not fulfilling anymore, I was looking for something with a deeper meaning, figuring out how I could serve others.
My travels to Thailand connected me to yoga, meditation, dance, bodywork and several healing modalities. All precious, but experiencing breathwork was the most powerful for me and I found my new passion and purpose; to connect the world through the breath.
And so the following years I was sharing my workshop The Breath Journey in over 6 countries, welcomed over a thousand people and still I love the healing power of the breath.
Training’s in yin yoga, massage and Maya Abdominal Therapy brought depth to my own experience and sharing this with others.

By teaching these workshops I ended up at Sound & Silence Festival in Corfu, where years of co-organizing would follow. From here I ended up organizing a monthly conscious club night in Amsterdam and here I am now, ready to share the WOMAN experience with you. I feel all my experiences so far, brought me to this point.
Combining my love for travels, other cultures, spirituality, creativity, conscious living, co-creating, organizing and coming together with like-minded women is a dream come true!

I have met so many beautiful, inspiring women over the years who share their knowledge, passion and gifts in different forms. Bringing hem together in 1 event to co-create is magical! Looking forward to share the experience with you…. ♥