Retreat in beautiful natural surroundings

Dear woman, we do not have time to live as less than who we are.
It’s time to re-connect. It’s time to prioritize your Radiance and celebrate each other.
You are a radiant Sun in human clothing!
Let’s nurture, expand and enjoy the greatest ongoing love affair you will ever have :
the love affair you have with yourself
As we journey through this week together, where all of you is welcomed,
each woman has the opportunity of feeling more herself because of the presence of the others

We welcome you to the green
mermaid shaped island of Corfu

Join like-minded women from all over the World coming together
in this beautiful 6 day gathering, which will offer you a fully embodied experience,
with a taste of the Greek culture

We put this women’s retreat together with passion, love and care for YOU! During our week together, every aspect of woman is unpacked – sensuality, body, health, spirituality, career, self-worth, confidence.
In a special designed program guided by international, loving and passionate facilitators through classes, workshops and talks. Together we will create a safe and loving space to discover and/or expand in the different aspects of being a woman.
You will have the opportunity and freedom to attend and enjoy the full program, connect with other women, as well as spending time alone in nature, in relaxation or resting. Our intention is to share a nurturing, inspiring and enriching experience on all levels with you while we also include a taste of the Greek culture in our week. We will close our week together during the New Moon, walking into new beginnings with your received tools to use for daily life and to be part of a radiant community with ongoing support.


Bring movement to your body and into your life
(Re)-connect to your Radiance
Celebrate your uniqueness
Learn to love, trust and honor your body
Sensuality expansion
Rebuild your trust with other women
Empowered vulnerability
Welcoming your emotions in open awareness
Authentic presence
Leadership over your own life
Power of intention & rituals
Free time to enjoy the nature/beach



Situated on the Greek island of Corfu in the Mediterranean, Corfu Buddha Hall is located on top of a hill just outside the tiny village of Magoulades, on the northwestern coast of the island. The closest beach villages of Arillas and Agios Stefanos are about 3km away. It is a beautiful venue set in an environment that supports our gathering. There is a swimming pool, a garden filled with herbs and flowers and it’s situated in quite and peaceful surroundings.


Breakfast and dinner are included during this week with a Vegetarian/Vegan menu. Healthy, daily prepared with fresh ingredients and served in her natural beauty.
There is water, tea and fresh fruit available for free all day. (let us know your diet wishes)
Lunch can be enjoyed in the local village, with several options in delicious Greek food or other wishes.


Our classes and workshop are taking place in a beautiful circular wooden hall, which supports us with the perfect temperature, safe surroundings, a great sound system and beautiful views.


We have a Freedom, Sister or Private package for you, which are options with or without accommodation. You can write us your preference and we are happy to support you to find your accommodation according to your preferences in the beautiful area near our venue. If you want to share your room, we can connect you to other women who share this idea.
The venue offers a daily shuttle service from the village and your accommodations, according to our program. Additionally you could rent your own scooter/car to get around. There are flights directly to Corfu Town (Kerkyra) or you can travel by bus/boat from Athens. Please check Momondo for the best travel options and we advice to check arrival a few days prior to the event as well.
In any case we are happy to assist you with arranging your accommodation and travels. After your booking, you will receive our information booklet with more practical information. The only thing you need to do, is hop on that plane and we will sort you out with the rest 🙂


We are excited to welcome you to the mermaid shaped island of Corfu!
Corfu is part of the Ionian Islands and lies in the north of the group, at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea, facing Albania. It is the second largest island of the Ionian group after Kefalonia.
Because of the mild Mediterranean climate and the high rainfalls during winter, Corfu is full of abundant and verdant vegetation and wild plants, phenomenon that makes it one of the greenest islands in Greece. The island is mountainous and its northern center lays Mount Pantokrator, the highest mountain of Corfu, which rises to an altitude of 914 m. Several flat areas, plains, two lakes and a couple of rivers complete the beautiful landscape.

The capital of the island is called Corfu Town and is also the main port.
This is the largest town of the Ionians and one of the most beautiful towns of the Greek islands. Built between two fortresses and full of superb Italian and French buildings, Byzantine churches and flowered squares, Corfu Town is a real jewel full of innumerable charms and beauties.
Corfu’s natural beauty hasn’t gone unnoticed by the film industry it has been the setting for several movies.

Spring is a particular beautiful time in general, but it’s magic in Corfu! The island is so green, flowers are blossoming, roses give the fresh air it’s perfume and fire flies accompany your evening walks!


07.30 – 08.30 ~ Morning practice like / Yoga / QiQong / Gentle Movement
08.30 – 09.00 ~ Meditation, Journal exercises, Intention setting
09.00 – 10.00 ~ Nourishing Breakfast
10.15 – 12.15 ~ Workshops / Movement
12.15 – 13.00 ~ Sharing Circles / Story Telling
13.00 – 17.00 ~ Free time for rest, lunch, nature or one to one sessions
17.00 – 18.30 ~ Workshops / Healing Practices / Female Rituals 
18.30 – 19.30 ~ Delicious Dinner
19.30 – 21.00 ~ Evening Program 

All classes and workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. Our program is created in a way, that each day supports the other. Yet, we are keeping the space open for the feminine flow, so although our program is created, it will be subject to change. One to one sessions can be booked additionally.

2020/05/17 12:00:00


Meet our team for this week!
These women are all passionate, experienced, skilled and enthusiastic about what they offer.
All of these women embody what they teach, they love to travel, are radiant in the places they live and are all unique and beautiful in their own way. We are bringing these women together, which in a way means bringing different worlds together in one place.
The place that we want to share with you!
Here we are, ready to share our love, gifts and support with you, while guiding you through a life-changing week!


Retreat offerings Women’s Empowerment Practices, Money Mindset, Ecstatic Dance

Eliska Vaea is FREEDOM Catalyst, Women’s Mentor, Spiritual Guide, Photographer & Womanpreneur.
She has guided many incredible women to success in all areas of their life. Her clients range from Hollywood stars to British Nobility. She focuses on empowerment of the feminine globally through her brands.
She is the founder of Amazonian Academy, The Wonder Woman Way and empowering ethical jewelry BEARTH.
Her excitement, curiosity, and thirst for freedom and intimacy with life has led her to over 60 countries leading women and exploring yogic and spiritual traditions of diverse cultures around the world. Eliska has 500+ hours Yoga education.
She is a passionate 5Elements Dance Activation ™ & Cacao Ceremony certified facilitator and a visionary entrepreneur. Eliska is currently practicing energetic mastery and her Ecstatic Dance DJ skills while drinking coconuts in Bali.

women's retreat


Retreat offerings Breath Medicine, Women’s Taoist Practices, Raw Cacao Ceremony & Female Rituals

Daisy Kaye is the founder of The School of Breath Medicine and Sacred Cacao Ceremony and 5 Element Dance, holding teacher training’s in Thailand for the past 8 years.
Daisy is a breath worker originally trained in Rebirthing and Transformational Breathwork and now Biodynamic trauma release.
A bodyworker of 26 years in various massage modalities specialising in Chi Nei Tsang and creator of a 5 Element Massage system.
She is a passionate Tao Tantric arts practitioner and teacher, teaching along side Shashi Solluna and Minka De Vos for the past 8 years in their extensive 5 week teacher training program.
Daisy is fun, playful and wise and is passionately committed to supporting personal growth in the arts of self love and care. Get ready for some juicy times!

women's retreat


Retreat Offerings Sacred Flamenco & Womb Dance

Núria first moved to India over a decade ago to explore the origins of flamenco, which is a part of her roots passed onto her since childhood by her grandmother. She is currently based in South Goa, India,where she co-funded Kala Bahia, a space for dance, yoga and arts.
​She’s a gypsy soul, mother of Gaua, Menstrual Therapist, dance teacher, trained actress and creator of “Sacred Flamenco” “Divine Balancing Dance” and “Womb Dance, Essential Alchemy” – a unique combination of healing dance, conscious movement, meditation, goddess rituals, Tantric techniques, aromatherapy and ovarian breathing techniques . She’s also a Red Tent Host and an ambassador for
Her wish is to empower women, help them to align with their highest potential and their true feminine nature, balancing their Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within them and inspiring them to explore and reveal their true power and beauty.

women's retreat


Retreat Offerings Yoga Flow, Movement, Ayurveda

Marjorie is a Movement lover, a Breath enthusiast, an Ayurveda consultant and a Yoga teacher.
She travels around the globe, where she helps people reconnecting to their True Nature through Awakening Movement, Ayurveda and Breath, mentors and supports men and women in their life choices, holds retreats, workshops and ceremonies.
In her offerings, Marjorie combines an awareness of the movement and a consciousness of the moment.
She will guide you into an introspective, fun and invigorating experience that builds both strength and flexibility, explores limits and creates a new mind-body connection. An invitation to (re)-connect and (re)-discover Yourself!

Ellen fest ongekleur 2016-398


Retreat offerings  Circling: Relational Presence Practice, Embodiment & Wild Woman’s Way®

Ellen is a Circling facilitator, somatic coach and trainer in leadership development.
She supports people with uncovering their uniqueness and soul’s voice and with finding a deeper trust in themselves that allows personal power to manifest while embracing vulnerability. She works with clients on growing capacity for presence, intimacy, surrender and leadership in any moment in life, re-connecting them to their essence and wholeness through connection, embodiment and other practices.
Although her clientele consists of men and women, she has a particular love for working with (emerging) women leaders.
Being a woman and a business leader herself for over 15 years, she holds a specific interest for finding truth about feminine leadership. She’s devoted however to a healthy development and integration of the feminine and masculine to come to authentic and full expression of creativity and truth.
She is dedicated to her own path of women’s practices and (feminine) spirituality and is a long term student of Michaela Boehm.
She is delighted to be part of the team of WOMAN Experience and to contribute to women relaxing into their being and bodies and coming to their unique expression of being fully human in the magic that is a woman’s body.


Retreat offerings Story Telling Experience, Guidance of sharing circles, Movement practices

Andreja Cepuš has been facilitating women’s circles, conducting workshops and other educational programs designed to remember our inner essence for more than a decade. In her work she stems from her own life experiences, and combines participatory methods, meditation, movement, in-depth communication, art and wisdom of the heart. As a long-time dancer of contemporary dance (she has been actively dancing at Celje Dance Forum for 16 years), she is well aware of the importance of movement and its healing power for human, so she uses it well in her work. Her inspiration comes from nature, art and subtle perception of the invisible dimensions of life.
She is also an event host and initiator as well as the active co-creator of initiatives that contribute to a more inclusive and collaborative society (World of Synergy). She is the co-founder of Institute for connection & collaboration 2030 and creator & conductor of the programs for awakening and balancing the feminine principle in our lives.

women's retreat


Retreat Offerings  Womb/Abdominal Massage, Women’s Self – Care, Breathwork, Guide

Nadine found her passion in Breathwork about 7 years ago, followed by her certification in Transformational Breathwork & Coaching. Additionally she got certified in different holistic therapies, to support women on their way into Well-Being.
After hosting her workshop ‘The Breath Journey’ in over 9 different countries, she arrived at Sound & Silence gathering’s Corfu in 2015, where she not only found the most amazing venue’s in Europe and a community, but also her organisational skills.
Nadine experienced events/festivals as a participant, as a facilitator and organizer and felt inspired to organize her own events, especially with the focus on women. To create a safe, diverse space to explore, discover and experience among like-minded women. Together in co-creation with the gifted facilitators she met and personally experienced during these years, who all became dear friends. From here the WOMAN Experience was born, where ME became WE.

Devamani Jacinta


Retreat Offerings QiQong, Sufi Whirling, Sacred Bodywork & Holistic Counseling

Devamani is a holistic counselor, inner man-inner woman instructor, qigong facilitator, Sufi whirling dancer and holistic body worker.
She has always been interested in the phenomenon of self-discovery and has been immersed in the teachings and practice of various
spiritual traditions, especially Sufism, as well as contemplative, meditative and mindfulness-based approaches.
The very core of her work is to open the door of the heart, where compassion, forgiveness, and healing power of unconditional love abide.
She is passionate about empowering women to rediscover their radiant essence and the splendorous joy of being a woman through sacred embodiment and conscious movement.
Devamani is inspired to invoke the ancient roots of dance as devotion, prayer and adoration, through which the human body can open up to a great sense of presence and receptivity. “Sacred movement enables us to come in touch with the rhythm of our womb letting our feminine beauty and sacred sensuality flow with graceful luminosity.”



Retreat offerings Back to the Roots/ Herbal talk & Walk in Corfu’s nature

Athanasia, means immortality in Greek. She has always been a seeker and lover of life and its mysteries!
After a background of being a scuba diver and conservator of arts and antiquities, exploring the depths of the seas and humans history or development, she changed her mind and transformed into a beekeeper, herbalist and healer, to explore life through different frequencies, which she is doing for the last 11 years living to Corfu island. From the time that she became a mother, her transformational path is moving closer to the sense of Mother Nature.
Her passion is the adventure of feeling yourself being connected with nature, this oneness of flowing altogether without judgement, being free and present as much as possible!
Athanasia loves to come together with Women, to feel and receive this interconnection among us, as Mother Nature, as a big womb!
It is her pleasure to share with you some of her knowledge, about women’s herbal medicine to heal, empower and support our guts, hormones and nervous system, at some of our female challenging periods and more. This to become more and more our soulful self and to give birth to a new self with less fear and more love and trust to the process of evolution to be free, creative, happy, shiny!


Retreat Offerings SuryaSoul Dance, Soul Meditation

Lonneke Zintel is an intuitive soul who loves to create magical transformations with a fun twist. She loves dancing, ecstatic, 5 rhythms and of course the dance she’s teaching on the island of Ibiza – SuryaSoul. She is a passionate dance retreat organizer, world traveler and she lights up when she can empower woman to step into their dream life. She stimulates man and women to step over their fear of change and let them experience JOY while in the process of transformation trough dancing, guided meditations, her shiny presence and entrepreneurial skills. It’s time to step into your own light, and shine as bright as you can. Let go of fear and embrace your power.


Retreat Offerings Embody your Feminine Essence, Jade Egg practice

Kalindi has a creative, energetic presence that enables people to come in touch with their natural magnetism.
Her passion is to inspire people to realize their deepest beauty and awaken to their highest potential as human beings. She works with people on an emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and spiritual level drawing influence from her diverse training and experience in a range of healing and helping modalities ranging from body work and life coaching to process work and conscious connection.

Kalindi works with women, teenagers and couples helping them gain a deeper understanding of their sexuality and sexual energy systems as a somatic sex educator – this is done through groups or private individual consultation, setting techniques and practices for individuals and couples. Through bodywork which de-armours the body from past emotional holding, traumas, deep somatic release opening the body to deeper levels of pleasurable connection. Setting oneself free from past sexual story.
Our body and energy systems are fascinating and she invites people to become deeply aware of their body rhythms.



Retreat Offerings Awakening Shakti Yoga

Markéta is a vibrating creative soul, devoted yoga teacher who studied several years Prana flow yoga with Shiva Rea and traveled to different parts of the world to discover the roots of yoga.
She is grateful for all teachers she met on her path who inspired her in different styles of yoga, body mind, bhakti and shakti practices, yogic breath, massage therapy and music and voice bath. Markéta loves dancing, daydreaming and women gatherings.
She is a writer and activator of the flow of life. Her teachings are focused on the energetical – subtle body, intuitive movement, mapping of the body and heart centering practices.
She listens to the bodies and souls of women to their needs and desires with kindness, love and empathy.


Sacred Bodywork ~ Holistic Counseling ~ Breath Medicine ~ Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) ~ Menstrual Therapy ~ Ayurvedic Consult ~ Sexual Healing ~ Soul Meditation ~ Massage ~ Coaching ~ Circling

One to one sessions are not included in the retreat, but they can be a great addition to your Experience.
Session can be pre-booked or upon arrival and will be given during the program breaks.


-5 day and 6 night program filled with workshops/classes/talks ( with breaks for meals, silence & integration)
-2 delicious, vegetarian/vegan and organic meals per day
-clean drinking water, all day tea & coffee bar on the venue
-swimming pool access
-daily shuttle from the village to the venue
-online facebook community group
-information booklet & booking support


-Flight to Corfu / Kerkyra
-Airport transfers (we can help you arrange this)
-Accommodation in the area around the venue (We have some great package deals and we can assist you in finding a nice place as well. Room prices range from €20 per night onwards and if you want to share you accommodation, we can connect you with other participating women who have the same wish)
-Additional one to one sessions during the retreat (bodywork/healing/coaching)

The opening and registration of our gathering takes places in the late afternoon on the 17th of May and closing ceremony is on the New Moon of 22nd of May. Of course you can arrive a few days earlier or stay longer, to enjoy the island or integrate your experiences.
Transfer to the village of Arillas takes about 45 min from the air(port), from here the venue provides the shuttle to our venue which is about 8 min. After you made your booking, you will receive our additional information booklet with more practical information.

❀You are as welcome as the flowers in May❀


Early Bird price €550* (until 1st of April)
Pay €306 now and the remaining amount upon arrival
Regular Price price €650*
Pay €406 now and the remaining amount upon arrival

*€244 of the total price to be paid cash upon arrival in Corfu



full retreat program
accommodation suggestions
2 delicious (vega(n) meals per day
shuttle service during retreat
information booklet




full retreat program
shared accommodation*
2 delicious (vega(n) meals per day
shuttle service during retreat
information booklet

*accommodation from 17-23 May
with extension possible / limited availability



full retreat program
private accommodation*
2 delicious (vega(n) meals per day
shuttle service during retreat
information booklet

*accommodation from 17-23 May
with extension possible


1. Purchase your Corfu Experience pass here
2. After we received your booking, you will be asked to fill out our registration form
3. Here you apply for your Package preference and receive our information booklet
4. Together we will book your (shared) accommodation or you will be supported to find your own
3. Arrange your travels – purchase your flight ticket

If you have any questions or need more information please contact us:

Your Early or Regular bird tickets purchased online are non-refundable
Cancellations must be received per email.
Please read our terms & conditions here

Welcome dear women that wishes to blossom into wisdom,
awake their own spirit and walk each step of her life with awareness, love, happiness and well-being.

There is no experience needed, you are welcome just as you are.
We are looking forward to spend a beautiful week together on green Corfu, where we celebrate life, ourselves and each other!



Can I join in for one or two days?

This is a week long Experience where we will dive into together. Therefor, we decided to keep the containment of the group and do not open for day passes. In case you can join a min of 4 days, you can contact us to explore the possibilities.

Can I bring my family?

Yes, you can! Some women travel with their baby/kids and their partner, friend or sitter is coming along. Arillas is a family friendly village, so you will be able to enjoy a holiday together if this is your preference. In the afternoons there is free time that you can spend however you wish. Please note, children are not allowed in our venue.

How can I find the best flight option?

We have women joining in from all over the world. Best is to check your options through the website of Momondo, as they offer a wide-range of options in several price ranges. From most European airports you can fly directly to the airport of Corfu (Kerkyra). Another option is to fly to Athens and take the bus/boat or 1 hour flight to Corfu.