28th of August – 4th of September

  Join like-minded women from all over Europe coming together in this retreat full of
movement, meditation, music & more…

Retreat in beautiful natural surroundings


This retreat has been put together with passion, love and care for YOU!
Our program offers a variety of different classes, workshops, lectures and more, all guided by passionate and international facilitators. We present you a unique vacation with depth!
You will have the opportunity and freedom to attend and enjoy the full program, connect with other  women, as well as spending time alone in nature, in relaxation or siesta.

Our team is dedicated to give you a nurturing, inspiring and enriching experience on all levels.



Our retreat sanctuary for this week is located in one of the most pristine and beautiful areas in Spain; the Alpujarras at the edge of the Sierra Nevada national park.
The centre is powered completely off-grid by substantial solar systems supplying all electricity and hot water. An abundance of sun & spring water allows for a luxuriously comfortable stay, with little effect on our precious planet.

This space is designed to integrate your body, mind, and spirit – a place where people come to engage in spiritual practices all year round. We are blessed to welcome you here and share a week of magic together!


You will stay in wooden or cob houses, everything is solar powered, built from natural materials and stunningly beautiful. They will be shared houses with one, two or three other people, with your own bed space of course! Six of the stone buildings are built in traditional Alpujarran style, natural for Andalucia.
There are some (limited) possibilities for single rooms, please contact us for more information.


All meals are made of local and organic products and for the larger part locally grown.
Vegetarian, healthy, daily prepared with fresh ingredients and served in her natural beauty.
There is water, tea and fresh fruit available for free all day. (let us know your diet wishes)


Our classes and workshop are taking place in a beautiful circular wooden hall. Nearly 100 meter square open space with with a panoramic view over the mountains, overlooking the sea.
There is a beautiful mineral water pool, wonderful walking trails and lots of secluded spots for contemplation, breathing and enjoyment.


07:00 – 08.30 – Yoga & Meditation class
Stretch out your body, breathe in a new day and set your intention
08.30 – 10.00 – Breakfast
Get a good start of your day with a buffet style vegetarian breakfast
10.00 – 11.30 – Morning workshop
Examples of our morning workshops are; Sacred Flamenco, Embody the Warrior within, Natural Medicine & herbal walk, Sacred Womb Dance and more..
12.00 – 13.00 – Sharing circles
We create a space where, if you would like too, can share what is happening for you,
have the opportunity to ask questions and receive the care and support that is needed
13.00 – 17.00 – Lunch & Siesta/Free time
Enjoy your vegetarian organic lunch, connect with other women, dive in the mineral swimming pool,
take a siesta, be in nature, write, or book your massage/healing session during your free time
17.00 – 19.00 – Afternoon workshop
Examples of our afternoon workshops are breathwork, thai yoga massage, rituals, womb blessing, yoga, movement
19.00 – 20.30 – Diner
Another delicious meal is waiting for you and a desert afterwards!
20.30 – 21.30 – Evening program
Every evening we have a different offering which can include; music, mantra’s, dance, yin yoga or rituals

Our program will be published soon!
During your registration you can let us know your suggestions or topics you would like to be included and we will definitely aim to bring those in during our week together, as together we create the experience!

2018/08/28 12:00:00



Núria first moved to India over a decade ago to explore the origins of flamenco, which is a part of her roots passed onto her since childhood by her grandmother. She is currently based in South Goa, India,where she co-funded Kala Bahia, a space for dance, yoga and arts.

​She’s a gypsy soul, mother of Gaua, Menstrual Therapist, dance teacher, trained actress and creator of “Sacred Flamenco” “Divine Balancing Dance” and “Womb Dance, Essential Alchemy” – a unique combination of healing dance, conscious movement, meditation, goddess rituals, Tantric techniques, aromatherapy and ovarian breathing techniques . She’s also a Red Tent Host and an ambassador for Ecofemme.org
Her wish is to empower women, help them to align with their highest potential and their true feminine nature, balancing their Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within them and inspiring them to explore and reveal their true power and beauty. You can find out more about her on her website


Dona’s purpose is simple: to be fully, fiercely, unapologetically alive. She helps awaken people to their bodies, helps them fall in love with themselves again, and guides people in conceiving and giving birth to an expanded version of themselves filled with spice, depth, and juiciness.
She does these through Embodiment practices, Energy Management, and advocating an approach to Women’s Wellbeing that honors the feminine energy cycle. Dona is the founder of Inner Moon Wellbeing which integrates movement, yoga, and integrative life force nutrition for every phase of the monthly cycle.
For those seeking to align their spiritual practice with their energy cycles, Dona also provides face-to-face and online mentoring and guidance as you go through the different phases of your Inner Moon.

Ana is a Priestess, Holistic Dancer, Yoga Instructor, Red Tent Ambassador, Womb Therapist, Creator of Sacred Womb Dance®, Sacred Womb Yoga®, Mary Magdalene Priestess Training, and facilitator in various Feminine Mystical Arts. Her journey started with a holistic expression through Dance and Yoga. Holding a PHD in Dance Movement Therapy, she lived in the Middle East for 8 years with the intention of expanding Dance as Therapy in that part of our world.
The time she spent there brought her many gifts, many teachers, reflection, and her practice started to shift towards awakening the Sacred Feminine.
In her 8 years she spent in the Middle East she started focusing on Sacred and Ritual Dance, using Psicodanza, Archetypes and Circle work as a method for healing and awakening. As time went on she started to incorporate different tools in her workshops: drumming, dancing, circle work, chanting, drawing, writing, astrology, ritual, tarot. The beauty of experiencing women re-connecting through Feminine Mystical Arts was her inspiration to keep discovering her own Divine Feminine path and sharing this with other women. Her sessions and trainings are all focused on the Totality of Sacredness: the ceremony is the yoga, the dance, the drawing, the chanting, the drum work and the ritual.
In 2012 she started to channel Mary Magdalene. The result of these changelings is her work in Womb Consciousness. A lot of these messages she has shared in her Book, El Camino de los 6 Pétalos – Una Espiritualidad Femenina, The 6 Petal Path – A Feminine Based Spirituality. The Majority of Ana Otero´s work is with women, but some of her workshops and Circles invite men to participate so as to heal the Masculine and Feminine dis-balance. She is based in Madrid, Spain, where she offers Workshops and Trainings in her Temple and also teaches internationally.

Nadine Ruiter

After years of working in Tourism and living in several countries around the Globe, Nadine found her passion in breathwork and holistic therapies.
“By experiencing my breath, I could experience myself again. It brought me the re-connection with my body, I could let go of tension and emotions that were stored inside for some time, it fully opened my heart, brought deep relaxation, I connected to my power and had some magical experiences…. All this just by deep and full breathing. Simple, natural and so powerful! From that first session I knew that I wanted to share the healing power of the breath with the world.”
She followed her Transformational Breath training’s and studies, as well as coaching modules. In the years that followed Nadine shared her workshop “The Breath Journey” in over 6 different countries with passion and great success.
Her own experiences and workshops got more depth by following a Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers. “Here I found relaxation and was able to surrender into whatever there was, being gentle with myself, setting healthy boundaries and getting to know myself even better.” Additionally a wish of her came true when she studied Maya Abdominal Therapy in the jungle of Belize. The essence in this modality is Self-Care using ancient and healing techniques of the Arvigo Institute, which can especially support women in their body and their lives.

Mukta pic

Mukta Arianna Tidei is a certified Moon Mother ® (Womb Blessing ®) an holistic counselour, a Somatic Experiencing (trauma work) practitioner, a certified massage therapist and a Reiki master. Since 20 years she has been travelling and studying in India, Hawaii and Europe sharing meditation, energy healing work and spiritual growht events. The work she is proposing is a unique combination of meditation, presence, self inquiry, energy balancing and healing touch.
In these last years she has been focusing in working specifically with women following the call of supporting and regaining together the female ancestral wisdom, power, creativity and vision. Her focus is on reconnecting women to their original resources and to explore together the profound power and divinity of the woman cycle and of the way of the feminine.


Sophie has been studying, using herbs and working in clinical practice with clients for the past 15 years. She is enthusiastic about effective herbal treatment and loves to share her views on how herbs can be used by women in varying ways depending on dosage needs and the therapeutic relationship. Sophie has always had a keen interest in Womens health and many of her clients visit her with women specific issues.
She will share with you her insights into how herbs and women have been deeply connected throughout history, being a part of everyday life. Sophies Interactive workshop will include an introduction to herbal medicine, tea and tincture tastings, covering basic principles and integrative approaches in holistic treatment of numerous womens health and wellbeing issues along with ideas for using herbs from kitchen to medicine cabinet. Questions will be answered as we take a walk around the surrounding land where we are sure to stop every few steps to discuss another medicinal part of nature.


Emilia is a qualified Bodyworker/Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She has dedicated the past 10 years to the exploration of interconnectedness of body/mind/spirit through various methods of study including Yoga, Contact Improvisation Dance, Meditation, shamanism, NLP, EFT, Gestalt Therapy and much more. She has practiced above with enthusiasm and passion for years and is now inspired to share the integrated essence of these teachings through her own transformation. Following many years of yoga practice she has certified as a Yoga Teacher teaching mainly Mindful Yin Yoga and Womb Yoga.
Her interest in shamanism, ancient wisdom, health and raising consciousness has taken her to afar places, often tribal and out of civilization to live there and experience a completely new outlook on life.
These journeys have been deeply humbling offering an understanding that is the key to…commonly called… the search for ‘happiness’. This happiness lies in the small things, simple, honest life with uncluttered mind and a pure heart.
During the last few years she has been participating in a diverse range of journeys and workshops dedicated to reconnecting to the inner feminine.
It’s been revolutionary to rediscover so much about the feminine within, the unconscious shadowy aspects of it as well as the conscious awake ways it can benefit & manifest in the world. Since then she’s been offering workshops for women in different countries. She looks forward to being with you, where we will be surrounded by natural undisturbed beauty and stillness.




-7 nights of shared accommodation
-3 delicious, vegetarian and organic meals per day
-daily use of 2 swimming pools and sauna’s
-water, tea and fruits throughout the day
-our full 6 days retreat program offerings


-Airport transfers (we can help you arrange this)
-Flight to Malaga or Granada
-Single room supplement
-Additional one to one sessions during the retreat (bodywork/healing)

Arrival is on the 28th of August and departure is the 4th of September.
If you want to arrive earlier of leave later, there are other accommodation options in the area.
Transfer to the venue from Granada airport takes 1 hour and from Malaga it takes 1 hour and 45 min.


1. Fill out & send the registration form to get your place in the event
2. Pay the event fee (details come after your registration)
3. Arrange your travel – purchase your flight ticket

Payment is due in full within 14 days after the registration. We do offer payment installment options if needed.
If you have any questions or need more information please contact us: infothewomanexperience@gmail.com


€250 deposit (holds your space)
Early Bird – €699 (until 1st of March)
Regular Price – €885 

These prices are inclusive – food, accommodation and retreat + the deposit that holds your space


Please consider carefully before you make a payment that this is something you want to commit to. We offer the deposit option so you have more time to collect your investment if needed. This is non-refundable.
Cancellation before January – 80% refund
Cancellation before April – 60% refund
Cancellation before August – 50% refund
From the 1st of August no refund possible. Cancellations must be received per email.